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Book Cd. Local Illustrator To Unveil His First Book Saturday

…need to have an actual person book your travel. Surprisingly, however, more and…, publisher and recording artist. The book also comes with a CD/DVD…magazine came from donations, the 2008 book will have a fee of $…book digital photography book love bookyellow book used book store borders … Illustrator To Unveil His First Book Saturday Sports – Football (Australian). Yahoo …      (Cached)   0 links
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Just some words…

… in and crush it to bits, all in a few minutes… Anyway, it wasn’t all bad. I bought some chocolate and a little magnetic koala at the campus book store. I’ve been talking to some girl in my gym class, these past few days. I barely even knew her beforehand, but I DO remember that her boyfriend nearly …      (Cached)   0 links
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Murdered by Pirates is good…

… head): He dances like a spastic baboon being given electroconvulsive therapy. Went to the book store today, and it was a very successful trip.  I found 4 manga that I had been looking for, The Star Scroll , by Melanie Rawn (Book II of Dragon Prince, and I already had books I … that I had been looking for.  I also found a book that I just had to buy, if only for the…      (Cached)   0 links
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Fucking giant comic book store opened in Lacey a few days ago. Fuck yes. I wanna go. Uhm. I told computers stuff today at work. Omg! I’m on edge. omg. I have saltines. but I’m almost out. i need a fucking fix of sorts. I dunno. maybe sleep is what I need. I’m hanging out with Heather tomorrow. I’m excited.      (Cached)   0 links
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Finally an update…

… and I was feeling really mediocre. I plan to go out at three times next week. I can easily get two miles in on Wednesdays when I take Arthur to the book store for storytime. It is 2 miles roundtrip. It is nice to get out and he loves books. The weather is supposed to benice next week. Also it will be …      (Cached)   0 links
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One of the Best Fridays!

…I revealed myself. It was a good laugh.  After that, my cousin Travis drove me to a comic book store he found I guess, and it was pretty cool. Definitly in the comic book part, and at the end of our visit, I found the kind I… be on of the WIND!! WIND!! Next is Hell Girl. Some weird book about a website that appears at midnight, and if you enter someones …      (Cached)   0 links
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…. My two week goal currently is to fit into the damned pants I bought from the Rawganique store, they’re organic cotton and just a liiiiittle too small. 10 pounds lost: A book from a used book store. 20 pounds lost: A new blender! And smoothie making things. (Frozen berries, soy milk) 30 pounds lost: A new novel…      (Cached)   0 links
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So like is Maki Murakami ever gonna come out with the next Gravitation Ex book? I reread all of Gravitation this past week, so I’m hooked as hell again. Damnit, why aren’t I reading Death of a Salesman like a good little student x.x Also, the used book store finally had some manga, so I snapped it up. Book 2 of midori days, and 1,2 and 5 of…Galaxy Angel? Well, it looks cute enough….      (Cached)   0 links
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