… i called in to pick up a couple because a) tins are useful for storing things in and b) scott likes teddy bears. Couldn’t find them anywhere, but …     They had some cheap’n’plastic digital camera‘s at the checkout that hang off your keyring. Only do 100k pixels –  images CIF ( 352×288 pixels) , 60 QCIF( 176×144 pixels) – but good enough for quickshots/reference if I ever go out sketching, or …

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My new camera

I’ve been wanting a better camera for the longest time, because I’ve been wanting to shoot better close-ups … a colleague’s MSN message asking if anyone wanted to buy her 2nd hand camera for cheap. She used it less than 10 times but is an avid photographer …. So, I grabbed the deal and now have an 8-megapixel Olympus SP350 camera to play with! I love the super macro function that allows for better …

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the new fangled red camera

trailer to a movie that was shot on the new “red” camera, a better, higher, more cool, blah, blah, blah digital resolution than ever before… i was wardrobe sup & on set costumer (when my lovely little minion interns weren’t on.) amazing crew–and we had a lot of time to mess around and play pranks… oh yeah, and we drank alot. ooops. that shoot was my second favourite next to frozen river….

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Camera on the roof of my building

В нас на будинку де я працюю поставили отаку тарандайку…. Відео кам. ви можете нею самі контролювати. HAVE FUN! 🙂

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Camera. Lviv, 2008

Panasonic DMC-FZ8

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Well for my birthday I got a digital camera so I thought I’d hone some of my “photographic skills” and shot a few pictures of my dog Suzi. She was a wonderful model…especially when she’d yawn or move just as I press the button to take the photo. I did manage to get a couple though and I’d like to show them off. I haven’t edited them in the photoshop thing that came with it yet but I haven’t …

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Five Steps to Better Photography for the New Year

Article about photography from getting the camera to shooting with links–1. Know what you’re doing when you take a picture, review how a camera functions.2. If you’re up for a digital camera and didn’t get the one you wanted for Christmas, trade it for one you want. has detailed, yet concise posts on a wide variety of cameras.

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random rambling

… out to dinner and maybe a movie. I am so poor, but whatever. That’ll be fun and so worth it. I honestly don’t feel much like drinking right now, but we’ll see how I feel later. My new polaroid camera is AMAZING. I got it and some film, and it all works perfectly! It’s fucking awesome, I love it so much. I wish film wasn’t so expensive so I could take pictures of everything, but that’s okay. I …

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And I wanted to go see Rambo….

… a combination of Godzilla , 9-11 and The Blair Witch Project. Which means the entire movie had the camera is wobbling around because it’s suppose to be live video feed as this group of people run for … monster ripping apart Manhattan. Well that doesn’t sit to well with me as a giant screen of a camera moving irratically for an hour and half makes me nauseated. Yes half way through the movie I was …

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Cam Killer! from Linkin Park – Into the maelstrom…

… made me miss the odd line of speech; others refused to look at the audience, let alone the camera. Some beat up the microphones and others ignored them and with only 1 camera and no rehearsal of the talks I was forced to keep moving the camera to get a variety of mid-shots, long shots and extreme long-shots that contained the speaker …

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