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John Mayer Gets Jock Itch Spray from Paparazzi

From PopLife.biz . Please leave any comments there. This guy always has the weirdest interaction with the shutterbugs that constantly trail him.  Last night while leaving the Hyde Lounge, John Mayer received some interesting gifts from a paparazzo. The “Waiting On the World to Change” singer was presented with a can of Tinactin Jock Itch Spray and a tube of Lotrimin Ultra.  And …

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Victoria Beckham Loves Life, Laughs A Lot

From PopLife.biz . Please leave any comments there. She’s one fifth of one of the most successful girl bands of all time, a fashion icon, and the wife to the UK’s hottest export.  But sometime Victoria Beckham just needs to get back to basics and go for a romp in the park with her kids. Posh was spotted enjoying the beautiful Los Angeles weather with her three boys Brooklyn, …

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Jessica Alba Does the London TV Circuit

From PopLife.biz . Please leave any comments there. With her tummy growing bigger by the day, Jessica Alba busily made her way around the city of London on Friday (March 7). The 26-year-old, who was out for a scheduled appearance on GMTV, happily waved to fans and photographers as she hopped into her awaiting car following the TV spot.

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Audrina Patridge Goes “Sleepwalking”

From PopLife.biz . Please leave any comments there. On hand for Charlize Theron’s latest movie, Hills hottie Audrina Patridge made her way down the red carpet at the Thursday night premiere of Sleepwalking . While there, the 22-year-old reality star took some time to talk to press about topics such as Heidi Montag’s stepbrother’s death , along with the filming schedule of her…

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Ashlee Simpson: I Wasn’t Drunk!

From PopLife.biz . Please leave any comments there. During a recent radio interview, Ashlee Simpson exhibited some unusual behavior which led to rumors that she was intoxicated.  But she’s clearing everything up via a post on her MySpace Celebrity Blog. She wrote, “It was very upsetting to hear that people are saying that I was intoxicated when I came in for my morning interview….

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