New Computer

I got my new computer today (well yesterday, technically)… much quicker than I thought.  I ordered it like Tuesday and here it is on Friday.  So plus points for Dell on that.  It’s light … 500 Gb hard drive.  And maybe my AIM will stop burping like it’s been doing the last few weeks…  Either way, expect less cutting out because my computer overheated or whatever the hell it was doing, lol.

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Some Nifty Computer Stuff . . . Or: how I learned to stop worrying and love the Internet Archive!

I am by no means extraordinarily computer literate, but I generally can figure out solutions to problems (my friends … to use google and 2) know what NOT to do to my computer (ie, I have nowhere near enough knowledge to attempt a solution that … Internet Archive stores a copy of the webpage, essentially a photograph, your computer won’t get infected. Some limitations – if the website operator has …

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Computer issues, weather

Well, I’ve been off-line almost a week, got the computer back last night, immediately tried to post and was almost done when I lost my … and got a 1 gig stick of DDR RAM.  We popped it in, and the computer recognised the RAM.  Yeah!  So now I have a gig and a quarter (1 gb and the 256mb I had before).  Woo-hoo.  Computer is happy now.  And quiet.  Very quiet, almost creepily quiet.  And all we did…

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computer resolution

My computer came back last night, completely wiped. Unclear why Apple thought this would fix my problems….without actually swapping it out of the enclosure and into the computer. Moved files around until I’d hosed things so badly the computer didn’t know how to move files anymore. Then, … mac and plugged in both my external drive and my computer in slave mode, and copied one drive onto another that …

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i hate computer things with a passion 🙁

Dear iTunes Store, Why is it that everytime I try to go out you give me the same damn line ‘Session Cancled’. Stop it because I don’t have session in the first place. IT ALSO ANNOYES ME VERY MUCH GRR GRR BITCH BITCH BITCH. Sincerely, Synms And I just got my computer working fine too ;;m;;

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New Computer: Week 1

So I bought my beasty computer . So far, it’s been pretty good. Games work absolutely … Vista, and 5.0 to run at recommended specs. My computer is a 5.6. I run it at the “Very … games area you can see what the minimum and recommended computer ratings for that game are, and what your system is…(I was calibrated to a slower machine) Also, since the computer had a whole bunch more CPU power to use, the…

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Computer CRASH

Soooo… computer just crashed.  And my little brother was the one who knew how to fix it.  Geeze.  Seriously? On a good note all the files and stuff were recovered.  Except now iTunes won’t… I’m confused.  But I think I’ve got it worked out so don’t worry about it too much. GAH.  Now it wants me to go restart my computer.  This is madness.  Will it ever end? WTMC! (What the Michael Cera)

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Death of a Computer.

Remember how last night the internet was avoiding my building? That may or may not have stopped. I couldn’t tell you, though, because now my computer is doing its very best imitation of a paperweight. I am most decidedly unamused by this, my little FriendBots. I think it’s the power supply. I’ll be calling my personal tech help geek shinigumi tonight to confirm. In the meantime, I’ll be…

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Computer Woes

… some steam here. My dearest mother seems to have a fixation on trying to get me banned of the computer. Firstly her and my brothers play extremely high bandwidth games and bitch to me when we run out of our … was responsible for blowing out the 10 gigs a month limit we started on when it was the only computer on the internet! But no it has to be my fault for the teaspoon of bandwidth I use up! …

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Computer Problems

So I noticed my computer started getting buggy Sunday night. I thought maybe it was overheated or something, so I just turned it off and went to bed. Well it’s still fucked up. When I use Firefox I get no sound and videos only run for 2 seconds (with no sound) before pausing. WTF?! I uninstalled and reinstalled both Flash and Firefox to no avail. I tried googling the prob but found nothing other …

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