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Video Games: The Forgotten Classics

… dearly I miss the console games of my youth. The Wii…say, proper fucked. The newer games are either single player (Sword…tackling 5 floors”. Not enough games have multiplayer anymore. And none…personality whatsoever. Possibly Gema. More games need ring menus too. I…Collection, but the first 3 games have something in common: They…my favorite and most underappreciated games on the Nintnedo 64, Mischief…

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Big Pile of “Indie” Games

I pulled together a list of the “indie” games that I own. I am sure that a few of the games listed are arguably not “indie” — but it is my list. Click here to access the spreadsheet in Google Documents. A number of things come to light: • I need to finish reading what I start. • I need to game more because most of these games deserve to be played hard.

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Xbox Games Are Cool – final chapter

The end of the story. 🙁 I’m going to miss these boys! Title: Xbox Games Are Cool Author: Liriel Pairing: Orlibean Rating: NC-17 Beta: my best girl catlover2x Cast of Characters: Orlando Bloom, Sean Bean, Dominic Monaghan, Billy Boyd, Kirsten Dunst, Johnny Borrell, Craig Parker, with a special guest appearance by Hugh Jackman Summary: It’s all amygirl ‘s fault! *points …

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Total Nostalgia – Video Fighting Games

…something else – *sigh* I wish DS games were like the Playstation ones. …To make it more specific, fighting games. It’s mostly more boys than…s where the majority of fighting games are. I wish I can master… there’s hardly any fighting games in Nintendo other than Smash ….) Still, I’m happy with games like Ace Attorney, The Simpsons … wish to play those fighting games again… *sigh* I miss them………

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List of games I own

Real entry coming later. This is just for my own reference, so feel free to ignore~ 8D NINTENDO DS – Bubble Bobble Revolution Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin Cooking Mama Elite Beat Agents Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo Tales Fullmetal Alchemist: Dual Sympathy Hoshigami Hotel Dusk: Room 215 The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass Lunar Dragon Song New Super …

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I’d say it’s better then X-Play, but that’s not really hard

…Hanamaru (the game that licensed as Yo! Noid in the west). However, the real draw to the show isn’t that Arino isn’t some super play master, in fact the truth is quite the opposite. Many of the games used are genuinely hard and as a result Arino dies quite a bit. Even though the episodes are in Japanese (with the exception of a few scant fan-subs) the pain and anguish he feels after dying to a …

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Does System Matter part IV: Marvel Super Heroes

On Tuesday I started a Thought Experiment in supers games, looking at what changes a character goes through when converted from one system to another. This is meant to test the validity of most supers games claims that you can use the system to build “any” character or… it’s interesting to see where the trust issues lie in the games and that MSH, for all its high trust, removes Inventing power from…

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“I play this game. It is pointless, and annoys me. Yet I am compelled to keep playing.”

… on that front. The rest is games, creative stuff, and web-fu, …to be more relaxing kinds of games than the sort I usually play…I’m somewhat disillusioned with PC games these days; the whole install-… an interest in types of games I never would have normally …I’ve found some football (soccergames to be pretty enjoyable, though I… endless string of Tom Clancy games that have been released over …

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‘ ‘ I am your shield. I am your sword. ‘ ‘

Why are there so many kick-ass games I want to play? I have no money! Well, thankfully these few new ones I want to add to the list aren’t actually out yet. But there are others that are. Bah. Anywho… Tom Clancy just makes kick-ass stuff. Wtf. Rainbow Six Vegas 2 End War

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Movies a Month From Now…

… are a few interesting movies being released on March 14 th .   Funny Games is a remake of the sick and twisted Australian film of the … Corbet and Michael Pitt). The men force the family to play sadistic games, and make a bet that they will be dead by the next ….   “And I want to be thirteen years old, because being twelve is stupid.”   Funny Games   Sleepwalking

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