A theory of Humor

… of it as incredibly funny. So I’ve been doing humor research, and stumbled onto Richard F. Taflinger’s “Sitcom: …(blahblah) I’m not sure about the need for the humor to be human (sounds plausible but I need to think about…but I don’t think this is a requirement for all humor. In fact, many types of humor heighten empathy. (/blahblah) …And then I stumbled into this, and I think it explains why …

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Good Stuff…this is parody. Humor. Keep it in mind.

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Pics: Humor

Ok, I’m off to bed. See ya all tomorrow!

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Internet Humor to share

Below the cut is a story that may only be humorous to those of us with outdoors’ senses of humor. It was passed to me by my mostly citified mother, and I nearly DIED from laughter. It’s internet humor, so is anonymous so far. (Please tell me if you know who might have originated it!) I had this idea that I was …

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Humor: Vent worthy!

Need some “tools” to vent? Take ’em! *gathered from all over the internet*

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Aviation Humor

Estan sacados de esta web que he aconsejado varias veces:

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… questionable, but eh. Sense of Humor: What type are you? created …You scored as Dark/Sarcastic Humor People never know if you … My sense of humor is… Absurd Does nonsense make …What is your sense of humor? —– And, finally, the Three Variable…38% spontaneous, 10% vulgar) your humor style: CLEAN | COMPLEX | DARK You…

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College Humor gives us pretty much every urban legend they could cram into 2 minutes and 30 seconds

Welcome to Urban Legend ER! College Humor

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Happy Beaver — adult humor and suggestive cartoons and beavers — humorous adult

…of Beavers, suggestive cartoons, and adult humor, “Happy Beaver” is available on a…Those who like suggestive cartoons, adult humor, or beavers will find rectangular and…of suggestive cartoons, beavers, and adult humor. Men and women will find …choices available for fans of adult humor, suggestive cartoons, and beavers. You can… support. So go ahead, adult humor, beavers, and suggestive cartoons fans,…

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[Naruto] First Impression – Deidara-centric humor

Title: First Impression Pairing: Implied Orochimaru -> Deidara Words: ~170 Genre: humor, crackfic Rating: G Spoilers: Eh. None. Other Notes: While I tend to think that Deidara joined Akatsuki after Orochimaru left, trying to write fic for bakkhos made me wonder what they’d be like if they interacted more. Hence, this. “Creepy bastard…” Deidara muttered. “…un.” …

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