плохие впечатления от Apple iPod Touch/iPhone

…просто формат базы данных с песнями. Теперь там так: * Последние iPod Classic и iPod Nano (так называемое “шестое поколение) защищают всю базу …решаемо. Но геморройно. * В дополнение к вышесказанному, iPhone и iPod Touch вообще (как я понял) не видны при подключении как …; для последней прошивки 1.1.3 пока нет поддержки для iPod Touch; после апгрейда прошивки девайс надо снова джейлбрейкать. 2. С…

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iPod Woes

My iPod was completely dead this morning . . . I don’t know if I accidentally left it playing or if it turned on in my bag and ran itself down or what, but when I plugged it into my computer, it said the battery was very, very low. It seems to be charging ok now . . . I hope it’s ok once the battery charges up again! *Clings to it* I’m very attached to my Xander! I have an Italian exam in 20 …

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iPod гаджет — MiShare

draftbox.ru // коротко об интересном Маленький гаджет для iPod позволяет обмениваться файлами между двумя плеерами (кроме серии shuffle) без компьютера. С его помощью можно обмениваться музыкой, фотографиями и другим контентом.

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Apple 4 GB Silver iPod Nano Video – 4GB New Model MA978LL/A

  Apple – Apple 4 GB Silver iPod Nano Video – 4GB New Model MA978LL/A Apple 4 GB Silver iPod Nano Video MA978LL/A – 4GB New Model – Play up to 5 hours of video or up to 24 hours of audio Dealer Part #: 83098-150894-500634905 | Condition: Refurbished | Manuf. Part #: MA978LL/A For more products, Visit:…

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Ipod troubles +dream

My ipod I think might be permatly fucked up to put it nicely…hopefully Jess will be able to fix it, because I am getting too frustrated at the moment every … try to fix it again when I go home this weekend…if that doesn’t work, it looks like I will be getting a new ipod…which is going to suck because I have to pay for it myself…like it’s TOTALLY my fault the stupid thing crapped out….I …

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Rabble Rights

… snazzy, if I do say so myself. Theatre Production was fun today. We learned our first combination, dancing as the witches from MacBeth. I banged up my knee a big a few days ago, so dropping down on it today hurt like a mofo. I only went into the class to help with set, I hope I don’t regret this in a month or twos time. *nervous shudder* lol. P.S. I miss you, iPod. I’ll find you somewhere. D=

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Slytherins are crafty, right?

…this morning, I ran across greenwitch  ‘s pattern for a knitted Slytherin iPod case . Though my knitting skillz are totally rudimentary, I managed, with …help of my dear mother, to make a similar case for my iPod Nano. (Got the adorable Snape pin from Gum-Gum Pins N’ …; now I actually have something to pin it to!) Now my iPod is stylish and evil and stuff. I’m pleased.

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… my parents gave me the iPod for Christmas this year. So,…Apart from the hearing, the iPod also puts blinders on my … go one week without the iPod. At the end of the…an interesting difference. With the iPod, I tend to sprint in…listening to. However, without the iPod, I ran at a constant…happening before I used my iPod; in fact, it happens most…my initial observations on the iPod thing… I’m excited to…

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… that fat bitch, I’m fine. Hung out with the crew lately, yada yada… Um, I also replaced my iPod which fell out of the fucking care on the way home from the airport.. Its a Touch and I like it…Its rather fun to play around with. Never did like the iPhone and I wanted to try one of the new iPod generations then my meesely fifth generation. I think i picked a good choice. There is a tablet pen I’ve…

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Viste de rosa tus gadgets de Apple ?para San Valentin?:

…fiel seguidor de Apple como sino   y quieres renovar tus gadgets , pasando desde el Macbook hasta el iPod Touch, dandoles un aire nuevo para San Valentin o para una temporada   ?esta es sin … golpearse. Contaros que sirven para la gran mayoria de los productos portatiles de Apple: iPhone, iPod Touch, iPod Nano, Macbook de 13” y Macbook Pro de 17”… Pensamos que es una opcion interesante para…

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