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Movie Horror: Solstice

… for folks we like. My Thoughts: I think this movie went straight to DVD so I wouldn’t be surprised … Ultimately, I figured out most of the how the movie would end about half-way through. I’m still …just ignoring it. Overall, the horror aspect of this movie was fairly well done. You get a lot of lingering…’m not misleading anyone, this wasn’t a terrible movie. It just wasn’t great. No part of it …

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More Horse Movie Madness

Tomorrow, four of us head up to Vancouver to participate in the crowd scenes for the upcoming film “Fast Time,” the story of a young woman in the penning world.  The movie is slated to air on the Hallmark channel in July, so while there are no guarantees we’ll actually be in it, if you have any interest in the sport of penning, it’s one to watch.   We’ve arranged to talk with a couple of the …

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New Porject and Bad Movie

… My Neck. I saw it, nearly two hours of…of….I don’t know…Ok obviously given the title one can readily assume that this is a comedy, in fact that’s where you may find it in many movie sections. However the humor stops about 15 minutes in. The silly slap stick, the deadly silence, the camera shots that make you wonder just who is operating that camera, Grover having an brain fart?!? The slap …

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Movie Time!

… why you should like this movie: It’s got Jack Black and… hilarious results. In fact, the movie doesn’t really hit its …out the Sweded version of the movie trailer… people love Mos Def . This movie is also big on the … you might not like this movie: Well no one has seen … a bad-ass in this movie! It’s got New Orleans/… beating people up, etc. This movie has great music, and I …

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Rules: * Pick 15 of your favorite movies. * Go to imdb and find a quote for each movie. * Post them here for everyone to guess. * Strike it out when someone guesses correctly, and put who guessed it FIRST and the movie. * No googling/using IMDB search functions. Yes. I am relieved to know that I am not a golem. Personal philosophy? …

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[43 Icons] One Piece Movie 5, 6, 7, 8

[43] Icons Total [18] One Piece: Movie 5 [2] Nami [3] Sanji [1] Sanji & Robin [4] … [1] Zoro & Saga [2] Zoro & Saga [19] One Piece: Movie 6 [1] Luffy [2] Nami [2] Sanji [3] Usopp [4…] Nami & Usopp [1] Chopper, Usopp, Zoro [5] One Piece: Movie 7 [1] Nami & Usopp [1] Robin [3] Sanji & Zoro [3] One Piece: Movie 8 [3] Vivi Samples: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6…

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Movie Marathon

Alright, I’m way behind in my movie marathon notes so here we go, a very quick edition: Jumper… fits. Interesting flow. Mr Woodcock I like nothing about this movie. Noooothing. Bee Movie A nice, colorfulsurprising visual style, and great animation… I enjoyed it even if it’s not a really great movie. Toutes les filles sont folles Lacks the visual and editing charm …

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