Upcoming Music Seminar

… to let everybody know that the Understanding of Music Seminar has an upcoming seminar in May in … play a note or you’ve been writing music all your life, if you have any interest in music at all, going to the seminar would be the … failed. And if you’re already a music expert, then I’d say it’s really …who does the seminar) has uncovered secrets of music that nobody knows, believe me. -Max

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Music ’07 – ’08

… One Cello x 16: Natoma Aeoliah – Angel Love (meditation music, not sure if it counts) 2007 : Cliff Martinez …I’ve been listening to a much greater variety of music this year than ever. I’m usually the kind of…every day. Loved it. I listened to the Gurdjieff music so much but I’ve been really lazy to convert…yet. Maybe next time. Also it’s completely impossible to find their music in Singapore.

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Dance music

So lately I’ve been in the mood for some really good dance music. Something with a really good beat and a lot of bass. Do any of you recommend anything? I know no names in this genre and I wouldn’t know where to begin even looking for something to listen to. Thanks in advance! ¦

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Music therapy may ease depression

… depression symptoms in participants receiving music therapy compared to those who … Therapeutic interventions included listening to music in groups, body movement and … randomized controlled trials that compared music therapy with other, more traditional…cause-and-effect relationship between music therapy and clinical improvement in…What is standardized treatment [in music therapy]? There’s really a…

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Music Videos

I like music, especially the funny music over at the FuMP .  So, I decided to root around on YouTube and try to find some fan videos/Live performances from the … song. Luke Ski ( lukeski ) was pretty easy, since this turned up in the Worm Quartet search as the musicis listed as by Luke Ski/Worm Quartet. Most of the Rob Balder results were actually Rob Balder ( partiallyclips ); …

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New Music Business Model Video by JaWar

JaWar , Motivational Speaker and Author of the Music Industry Connection Book Series talks about the changing music business …publishing, music licensing and business to business opportunities for the Music Industry. JaWar regularly consults and gives seminars on personal achievement, how to make money online , the music business and self-publishing your own book /ebooks. Schedule …

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Music Business: Make Money Online Video by JaWar

…, Motivational Speaeker/Consultant and Author of  the Music Industry Connection Book Series talks about the new music business record label & using tools to make money online … creating multiple streams of revenue in the Music industry. JaWar regularly consults and gives seminars on… achievement, how to make money online , the music business and self-publishing your own books …

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B Music Website Is Back

My music website is fully operational again! Check it out. And check out the rest of B while you’re at it.

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Music meme

Found this randomly so thought I’d give it a go 😀 1. list your top five favorite musical artists. 2. list your top five favorite songs from each artist. Okay so my music tastes change with my mood and vary on an almost daily basis so this list won’t be accurate for very long (except from No1 cos their always top no matter what :D) …… but what they hey I’m doing this anyway 😀 …

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Music Meme

Snagged this from janie_tangerine . Music Meme List your top five favorite musical artists. List your top five favorite songs from each artist. Tag five people to do the same. 1 The Beatles The End Blackbird I Am The Walrus Across The Universe Let It Be 2. U2 Van Diemen’s Land Pride (In The Name of Love) If God Would Send His Angels Vertigo Sweetest Thing 3. REM Everybody …

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