Massage Training In PT School: Part 1

We started massage training in physical therapy school and everybody in the class wants to be my partner! My fellow classmates assume this unit is going to be a no-brainer for me, but I’m taking no chances. Every teacher has their own style of teaching, and their own learning objectives for the students. Just because I have professional training, licensure and ten years of experience with …

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At School

… really care about what I have to say, you can hold down Ctrl and scroll up with the little scrolly thing on your mouse to resize this. Ok, I’m glad that’s out of the way. So I here I am at school, and I’m supposed to be making my website, and I got the sudden urge to go on live journal and create an account. I guess it started because I was making a blog for the website I was making, and here I …

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massage school therapy

All information >>> massage school therapy

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Jobs, School, Pictures

… scan and tag my family photos. After I scan them I would like to be able to query them. This school semester is not going as good as I had hoped. My midterm grades are as follows: CS -3305-001 … at the Library I somewhat forgot about the solar eclipse, until I was walking and saw these guys at my school. It was a nice treat to see the eclipse with them. I also got the see Saturn for the first…

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School Daze Chapter Nineteen Part 1

Title: School Daze Rating: PG-13 (?) Pairings: Multiple Summary: “Promise me you won’t talk to him again.” Dong Wook competed with him in every wys possible. Tampering with his success and leaving a bitter taste in his mouth, reminding Yunho that Dong Wook had indeed left his mark there. Jaejoong would not become a competition between them. -Chapter Nineteen Pt. 1-  …

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Grad School Update

I got a letter from the School of Library and Information Science today. It was incredibly thin and so after I started to open it I changed my mind and opened my other mail first. Iowa Student Loan sent me a dollar in the hopes that I’ll fill out their survey. Sadly, I didn’t have much other mail. I opened the single sheet of paper to read: I GOT ACCEPTED!!! I just sent my email acceptance

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school assembly

middle child’s school assembly this morning – should have been last week, but deferred because of the strike. An incredibly didactic and heavy handed poem about being sun…, to look at one teacher and have Judy Small’s song ‘Annie’ suddenly go through my head (about a closeted lesbian school teacher that the other teachers worry about the fact that she hasn’t got a man in her life). Not sure whether…

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High School Musical Enters the Reality Arena

… show based on Disney’s High School Musical franchise. The competition will involve … about the magnitude of the High School Musical phenomenon was dispelled last fall … Although many adults are big High School Musical fans, I’m not so … a tremendous drama dork in high school. I was actually excited by the …. The as yet unnamed High School Musical reality project joins other musical…

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