Shopping is the worst thing on the world

I am the last person on the world who should go shopping. I went to buy some meat, but I came 5 minutes after the shop was closed. Gah! But it used to close at 12, so I thought if I’ll be there at 11, it’ll be good and in time. But, apparently it was not. 🙁

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Last day in Cuzco means shopping day!

Stub post: Slept in till 10am. Sweet. Shopping with Katie. She bought an awful lot of textiles. Like, a whole duffel …. Perhaps I’ll try it again in the British Isles. A touch more shopping and … fireworks? Today was dia de Comadres , a Carneval day where the … all up in Natasha’s hair and everywhere. Back to the hotel after shopping to drop off our goods and prep for the next event for the …

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Ecommerce Shopping Cart Article

Ever since moving out on my own, I’ve been doing online shopping.  A lot of shopping.  And given all the horror stories you hear about people being scammed on the internet, I am very … they need ( would that really be so difficult? ), or use the appropriate shoppingcart software ( perhaps one that allows you to see your actual total including taxes…

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Shirtless Shopping in Abercrombie & Fitch

A group called Improv Everywhere recently staged a sort of “Shop-in” at a NY Abercrombie & Fitch Store.  111 “agents” of all shapes and sizes began shopping at the store and then at a designated time secretly removed and hid their shirts as they continued to casually shop around the store. Here’s hidden camera video of the event: And here are some interviews with the guys involved, taken …

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Online Jewellery Shopping Guidelines

Shopping is one of the passions for people. They spend lot of…is tough in case of online shopping , and when it comes to buying…possible after buying problems. Online jewellery shopping experience can be pleasant and wonderful… getting benefits of them. Online shopping will never be tough and … jewellery. For more information or shopping, feel free to visit: http://…

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Shopping day!

I’m in a KILLER shopping mood! I want all new saves to report to Me via yahoo messenger: goddessmayaallison Come prepared. I’m in a ruining mood. -M.

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I need to shop. I don’t know what I want to buy, but I want to buy something. I need my shopping soulmate. Seiichi, are you free? Hiyo, we need to go apartment shopping. I’ve decided I want a new couch. Anyone else want to go? Shinji, I’ll let you out of it this time…but next time you’re mine. Take me shopping! I’m going to start climbing things soon.

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Some thoughts and Some Shopping (=

Meh so I’m in a kinda happy mood because I’m gonna go out shopping later and I feel like it’s gonna be an adventure and did you guys ever get that feeling where like you were gonna have fun and yet not know what was gonna happen? I’m all excited cause I got that feeling ^_^ And omg my Scottish neighbour’s over and omg his accent is sooo freaking awesome and thick and gah!! Too bad he’s like …

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Shoe Shopping

Title: Shoe Shopping Rating: PG Disclaimer: Don’t know, don’t own, never happened. Summary: Bam hates shoe shopping. AN:…This sort of happened to me once. “Oh no,” Bam moaned as soon … I have like, post traumatic stress disorder from the last time you took me shoe shopping!” Bam tried to dig his heels. Ville just rolled his eyes again and continued to…

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Shopping post

… either purchased or am thinking about purchasing: I haven’t really gone on a shopping binge in a while. I remember when I was in LA, I used to go clothes shopping all the time. Granted, in LA, I used to be a lot skinnier and…-photographed, and the models are actually pretty. I’ve been to some online shopping stores where the model either looks (a) high or (b) fugly. …

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