Let the mayhem resume…

… trip with church to build houses with Habitat for Humanity. 18 of us are going down from Good Shepherd and will spend Saturday until next Sunday. The build wlll actually be Monday thru Friday with the remaining days travel or sightseeing in Mexico City. More on all this later once I’m all ready to go. Passport, check. Luggage, check. Clothes packed in luggage, uhhh, not check. So it’ll be a …

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Best Bets For Business Trips

“Business trips are like pornography: overpriced, exploitative and highly repetitious.” Очень познавательная статья о командировках от Forbes.

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Toronto Bound

…the bracketing weekends in Hamilton with my mother and brother, so if anyone on the Toronto end is interested in getting together it would have to be one of the evenings during the week. As always where I’m concerned, dinner would be an excellent venue. My traveloptions will likely be limited to shank’s mare and TTC so anywhere within reasonable walking distance of the subway should be workable.

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мне продолжает нравиться в Краснодаре..чтобы там не говорили,но город просто очарователен=) концерт после пары недель без репетиций-это как минимум странно) надо больше спать..значительно больше..то есть в принципе-надо хоть иногда спать. и вообще,пора бы уже разобраться со своей жизнью..а то у меня всё чаще появляется ощущение,что меня два.

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Almost home…

Nora and I spend the night with a friend of hers in Milan. We’re still there, but I’ll be home this evening. Italy was wonderful, a bit too many tourists for our tastes (and this is definitely the off season!), but still beautiful. We made an effort to see exhibits on Leonardo da Vinci and Galileo Galilei, but also ended up seeing a lot of stuff by Michelangelo, Donatello, and other famous …

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Берлинские заметки (2)

Если бы я умел, я бы сделал сайт, который назывался бы “Жалобная книга”. Там можно было бы жаловаться на страны. И сам бы пожаловался в первую очередь на Францию – за то, что там невозможно поесть в неурочное время. А потом на Германию – за то, что единственный сорт чая, представленный в супермаркетах, “Мессмер”, напоминает чай разве что цветом, и то не всегда. * * * Смотрю чарт российского …

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How NOT to do it!!

(Welcome to all the poor souls who joined my flist since the last time I spammed! *Note to self: remember to put warning on profile in 42 years time when I can access it again* I try to keep my subject lines descriptive, hopefully it helps in filtering my entries between the awesome, brilliant and excellent all must-reads.) Thumpa (my plot bunny) had this stunningly brilliant idea to type all …

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fun things

in an effort to not get completely overwhelmed by the work aspect of my life, i’m going to think about some fun things i’ve got planned for the next month or two. sunday, i’ll be leaving my apartment at 8:30am to meet my advisor and a few people from my research group at the san bernard wildlife refuge . my advisor is a big birder (as in, he’s published multiple papers on the subject) and last …

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travel writing tips

… there are the mechanics around the travel article – research, interviews, sales, distribution, … to earning recognition as a travel writer – although some websites are … a living. Resources for the travel writer The following books are … on your way. Transitions Abroad : travel writer portal for some of … around WrittenRoad : for information on travel publishing Bootsnall : for a great …      (Cached)   0 links
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Setting my sights on something new

… aaand I’m in Atlanta. 🙂

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