Work & Vacation

… ports (just Miami and Grand Cayman). I leave next Tuesday (early in the morning) to fly to my Japan and Hong Kong vacation. I am excited! 🙂 Work has been insane. It turns out that the woman I’m replacing is essentially leaving work that she should have … too little time to be doing her work on top of my own. I’m replacing her, but that doesn’t officially start until I get back from vacation.

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Vacation at Riviera

… was colder than a Summer should be, we couldn’t spend time at the pool, it was way too cold. The olny thing that bothered me a little was that my kid woke up every day at 6am, and for a vacation this was not exactly the time I was planning to get up, but I could manage to sleep in the afternoors every time she did. Ohh you want to see pictures? Click at them to see them bigger.

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[FIC] Summer Vacation : 07/11 – Reita/Ruki, Uruha/Aoi

Title: Summer Vacation Chapters: 07/11 Author: chibi_ruki Beta: sewnxtogether [Thanks a lot,… manager finally decided that they deserved a little vacation this summer. During the vacation, a disaster struck Ruki’s apartment, causing him to move in with … We can pretend xD Previous Chapter Summer Vacation : Chapter Seven Ruki stopped struggling underneath Reita …

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Last of the Vacation pics (I promise!)

… that you’re all pretty much tired of my seemingly endless carousels of vacation slides. Fear not, what follows is the end, thirteen entirely random pictures taken during the vacation. The only consolation I have for you is that these are edited down … to another. I take a photo of my reclining feet on every vacation. It’s me and Baby Owen! For my father in law’s …

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[034] Vacation, all I ever wanted

The vacation was… pleasant enough. I’ll finally be back to work tomorrow. I wonder when Kia’s coming home. [Private] I wonder what’s gotten into him… It must be because Sora’s still gone… [/Private]

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Vacation is almost here!!!

… ice skating before. I remember my sister and I went ice skating one winter on the pond that’s by the hospital in Broken Bow. I don’t remember if I even got on the ice. I just remember being there to skate. I was probably only about 5. Anyway, Jasmin’s going to show me all the important places while I’m there. It’ll be just like a real vacation only better. I’ll have my own personal guide. 😀

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Thinking about GUADEC as a vacation.

… to some place of-the-beaten-path for Americans (Turkey) while doing something geeky. I don’t really enjoy a traditional vacation: all the preparing and travel-related stress to go someplace relaxing. It’s nice but not as cool as doing something … also enjoy the company of other Linux people. I wonder if anyone else has turned a trip to GUADEC in to a vacation? Does scheduling generally work out?

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[FIC] Summer Vacation : 06/11 – Reita/Ruki, Uruha/Aoi

Title: Summer Vacation Chapters: 06/11 Author: chibi_ruki Beta: sewnxtogether [Thanks …decided that they deserved a little vacation this summer. During the…vacation, a disaster struck Ruki’s apartment, causing him to move…Chapter Note: Finally the real vacation started! Beach scene! xD This…luckily I stopped there. Summer Vacation : Chapter Six Once again, the…

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Vacation Journal: Part 2

… improved tremendously once we were off the plane, though. All in all, it was a good week. Plenty of fun things happened, and yet we didn’t feel pressured to be constantly doing something. I don’t know if I or the girls could have survived much more vacation, though, as we were all starting to wear out and wear down. Now I just have to get used to normal life again. Pictures coming soon.

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summer vacation OH NOESS!!1

Well this sucks. Wednesday I’ll be going away on summer vacation with my parents, my sister, her 1-year old and her husband’s 8-year old from his previous marriage. I love all of … so I’d have the house to myself and throw a party, because my mom was telling me she wishes she could extend their vacation through Carnaval (2/1 to 2/5 this year). But she was all, no way, never gonna happen. SUCKS!

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