Weird Weather

… we experienced something with the weather that Leah and I both … that before. And speaking of weather, I wanted to write about a… parts of the local TV weather forecast is the chart that … If you have any other questions …. Aloha Mike Baker Climate Program Leader National Weather Service Boulder, CO …

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Whether the weather.

We had scarily methodical weather this past week. Sat: Sunny Sun: Cloudy/Rainy Mon: Sunny Tues: Cloudy/Rainy Wed: Sunny Thur: Cloudy/Rainy Fri: Sunny If things continue this way, then tomorrow, the one day I have free, will be cloudy/rainy. I plan to go the famous, local Farmer’s Market, though, so I hope this doesn’t hold true.

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Computer issues, weather

… Yeah!  So now I have a gig and a quarter (1 gb and the 256mb I had before).  Woo-hoo.  Computer is happy now.  And quiet.  Very quiet, almost creepily quiet.  And all we did was clean it.  Hum. OK — weather-wise it’s been nuts. Tuesday, it warmed up to the 40s (F).  I drove home in *pouring* rain.  Now the rain also melted a lot of the snow (right by work we were down to green grass again).  …

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Winter Weather Chaos as Chinese Travelers Stampede Railway Stations

Heavy snow falls delay trains which causes terrible crushes at Chinese railway stations as 200 million travel home to celebrate New Year… Frightening footage on the CNN News Website. …And we complain during the bad weather in England!

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Bleurgh. How horrible is the weather at the moment?! I’m not sure what it’s like where you all are, but it’s absolutely terrible here. It’s been raining/snowing all day. And to make matters worse, it’s so windy too. I got soaked walking to the bus stop this morning, as it was raining and too windy to put up my umbrella, then I realised that I’d missed my bus. Grr.  I also got all windswept and …

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wrath of the weather

“Severe weather warning. Stay at home. Avoid travel if at all possible” Will the radio please SHUT UP!!! Nick’s travelling tonight. He’s getting the overnight coach to Heathrow. He’s flying tomorrow. There’s no way I’d be able to convince him to cancel. I’m sat in my home. I live near the top of a 22 storey tombstone of a tower block. The wind is catching it and pushing and pulling at it. I feel…

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Seattle Weather & Rando Thoughts

… cushy and dorky looking bike gear.   My older bones don’t like the rough ride of jeans, although sweats will do in a pinch.  (esp layered OVER the dorky biking gear)   And riding in inclement and below 40F weather?   Well, if I want to do Randonneuring I will need to acclimate again, but this time I want good cycling gear.  Is that too much to ask? And while we’re on the subject of things I’d …

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Buffalo weather, hurt hand

weather in Buffalo insane today. no when i say insane i really mean WRATH OF GOD kind of weather. Slipped and seriously hurt my hand/wrist. will post more about the weather and my hand later if i can. seriously…weather = hurricane winds no power literally not joking push me down the street literally sent a coworker flying into the street where she had to go get xrayed. seriously…

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Letter to the Weather

Dear Indiana Weather, Thank you for within the past 18 hours: 1) Causing me to freak out while driving home during HURRICANE-FORCE WINDS 2) Wake up throughout the night to… of snow (up to 6 inches!) by Friday and 5) Making my sinuses explode. It is true, you can’t predict this weather. However, thankfully the tornado that touched down near Abby’s place did not get her complex. Sincerly, Me

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in texas, if you don’t like the weather, just wait a minute

… the 40 degree mark. I had to put on a tanktop, a sweater, and my peacoat just go to out the door. To add insult to injury, I can feel pressure building up in my sinuses (probably due to the weather), and that does not bode well for me if I’m going to the Bedouin Soundclash show on Friday night. I am also a proud owner of the world’s smallest flashdrive . It came in yesterday, it comes with a …

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