What is LJSEEK.COM ?

LJSEEK.COM Is LiveJournal BLOG search service. We allow you to search posts by LiveJournal users, but not comments at this point. We also have advanced features such as limiting search only to certain users or their friends, various sort modes. More features to come.

Are all LiveJournal users indexed ?

No. We only indexing users which allow them to be indexed by search engines. If you blocked search engines from indexing your journal you will not be indexed. Note, we only update this information every few months, if you would like changes to take an affect quickly, please use add/remove section

How do you access my posts ? Do you handle all custom designs ?

We use RSS interface to get your posts, so it does not matter which design are you using. It is also the reason why we currently can’t index comment .

Are you interested in comments and suggestions ?

Sure. All feedback is appreciated. Please use feedback form and we’ll normally get back to you in 48 hours.

Which technologies this server is built on ?

We’re using Linux, Apache, PHP and MySQL. We’re also using Sphinx Search for our full text search functionality and spider written in C++ (prototype was in PHP but it was too resource consuming)

Do you index communities ?


How do you discover new journals?

We use multiple techniques. We check users friends list to spot new friends, we also find journals referenced in posts and add them. Finally if search is requested inside non-existing journal we add it.

How frequently do you update search index ?

At this point we normally do it about once per day. Our goal however is to come to near-realtime index updates.

How frequently my journal is checked for new posts ?

It depends on your activity. Journals which get new records frequently are spidered often, inactive journals may be only checked once per week.

Are private journal posts indexed ?

No private or friends only posts are not indexed as they are not available via RSS interface. However if post was public at some point in time and when was made private or friends only it may appear in search index.

I’ve updated my journal and want new post to be added to the index ASAP, what should I do ?

Just use our journal tools page to request your journal to be spidered. You may automate call to this script if you would like.

How does “sort by time,relevance” work ?

This option will sort matches for last hour by relevance, when last 24 hours by relevance, the same for last week, last month and last 3 months. This generally gets newest most relevant results to the top of the list.

Do you match words exactly during the search ?

No. We use so called “stemming” to make all word variants equivalent, for example test, tests, testing are all considered the same word. We use rather simple stemming at this point so sometimes surprising results may be found, for example word busy considered equivalent to business.

Does “exact phrase” matches words exactly ?

No. It also uses stemming. It just require words in the search phrase to follow one another, so “testing search” “test search” and “test of the search” will be considered the same phrase, because matching is done excluding stop words (very frequent words which typically do not affect meaning)

Do you index comments?

No not at this point. We’re looking into it however.

I see my journal is indexed only for last few months, what is about previous posts ?

We currently use RSS inteface to access your journal, which limits us to last 25 entries at the time when we start indexing it. All new entries however should be indexed. You can check how far we go for your journal in journal status page We’re working on making older posts searchable and this feature should appear in few months

I would like to add LjSEEK.COM search to my site/journal may I ?

Sure. You may use one of our or use it as a sample to create your own.

What are stars signs near by user pictures ?

Star signs are placed near by user pictures, which have links from other journals to their posts. If you will place mouse other the star sign you will see how many links are there and from how many journals. Depending on these numbers journal may be granted from 1 to 5 stars.

These star signs also show Rating what is that ?

Rating is what position by number of incoming links (citations) are you on among all journals (users and communities). Different users may share the same rating if they have same number of incoming links pointing at them. For example there are hundreds of thousands of users liked only once.

Do you do any content screening ?

No, we do not have any content screening or filtering, so search results may include adult materials or offensive content. LjSEEK.COM is not affiliated with journal owners and is not responsible for their content.

In my journal page I see the indexed of my journal is enabled but it is marked as not in spider queue what does it mean ?

Indexing enabled means your journal is being indexed and should be searchable. This is all your normally need to care about. Spider is the component which retrieves posts from your journal and stores then in our database. Depending on your activity this may happen more or less frequently. When we decide it is time for us to recheck your journal we place it in “spider queue” which Spider processes. Your journal should rarely be shown in spider queue as Spider quickly processes it.